Are Escape Rooms Scary?

We often are asked by customers if the escape rooms will be a scary experience. Our answer is a solid “No”, but it will be totally adrenaline rushing just from the rush of solving clues and finding pieces to the puzzles. The rooms don’t have any scary surprises. Nothing will jump out at you and there’s nothing gross or scary lurking in the items unlocked!

Our escape rooms will leave you and your group talking about the adventure for hours! It’s amazing to watch how groups interact and enjoy the mystery of the rooms whether they escape or not! We welcome you to check out our Tucson Escape Rooms or contact us for any questions!


Fun Team Building Events in Tucson Escaping Rooms

Ace of Escape’s 3 challenging escape rooms are fun & intense options for team building events for Tucson companies. Each room offers a slightly different experience, but encourages participants to work together, communicate, share, and stay organized. Our themed rooms mix in multiple puzzle solving at the same time and abstract thinking so each member of the group has an opportunity to contribute to the team’s success and truly feel part of a team. Team members will leave recognizing and appreciating their peers after working together in such a new and fun experience. We often hear groups inquisitively asking each other “How did you figure that out?” and smiling and laughing about their experience.

Each of our rooms offer a varied experience for different group sizes. The Beat the Clock room is great for groups of 2 to 6, while our International Thief Room is ideal for groups of 5 to 8. The Illusionist Room is best for groups of 5 to 8, but can go up to 10. During team building events, our staff briefs the teams and encourages communication, planning, organizing, and sharing both tools and information. Roles throughout the game often change and everyone is given the opportunity to contribute, lead and support each other making for a very successful team building event.

Our team building events are timed, but teams are given extended time as needed to complete a room so everyone leaves with our “Certificate of Escape”. Private team building events can be done where groups just use one room, or groups rotate through multiple rooms. Video footage of the event is also available for leaders to review for learning more about the group’s dynamics or for everyone to just enjoy!

Our time slots during the week are often flexible, so if you need a specific date or time not on the private booking calendar, please contact us!

We are looking forward to seeing your team at our Tucson Escape Room for a fun Team-building activity!


Customizable Private Escape Room Events Available!

After some great feedback and customer suggestions, we are now offering customizable private event experiences. These events include:

“Kids Only” International Thief: Kids ages 8 to 14 can enjoy a tailored escape room experience in our International Thief Room. The mystery and theme remains the same, but kids are provided with a few different age appropriate clues, extra hints as needed, and an extra 5 minutes! Our first group of 12 year olds had a blast!

Glow Party in the Game Room: Another customized experience with puzzles tailored to kids 12 and up, but with a fun neon experience as the kids explore the dark room to find the answers to escape!

Team-Building Events: All three of our escape rooms are great for corporate team building, but both the International Thief and The Game Room can be customized to focus on specific teamwork needs from collaboration, to communication, to even going back to the basics of sharing all while remaining totally fun!

These events are available through our private bookings page or customers can contact us to set up specific times and discuss needs! Special discounts available for Non-Profit Organizations too!


Great Reviews of Tucson’s Ace of Escape

Week two was a blast. Thank you to all our guests and all the great reviews everyone is leaving for us! We are so glad both new and experienced escape artists are enjoying our Tucson Escape Rooms!


Tucson Escape Room Open House

It’s time to celebrate officially opening our new escape room business at Ace of Escape! Come by and learn about escape games for yourself, friends, kids, family or for corporate events. You can meet our team, check our location and enjoy complimentary beverages, pastries and desserts! Also receive a special coupon code for future bookings!

Check out our Facebook Event Page for more information!


Tucson’s Newest Escape Room

Ace of Escape’s International Thief Room is now open pre- grand opening for bookings. The International Thief room is a fun escape room and great for those with some previous escape room experience. Groups enter the office of a seemingly normal engineer, but quickly realize that he’s made plans for a secret mission to steal valuable gems. Escape room enthusiasts must use their problem solving skills, especially math & engineering, to find the plane ticket and cash he left behind for his lover to determine his location.

Book your experience on our Ace of Escape website and stop by our Tucson location at 48 North Tucson Blvd. #101.


Escape Room Getting Set Up At 48 North Tucson Blvd.

We have been working hard and moving into our new location at 48 North Tucson Blvd. #101. Our International Thief escape room is almost ready to go and we’ll be testing it throughout March to ensure it is optimized for fun and challenges. The Beat the Clock Room will be set up early next week as well. We are excited and will continue with our updates plus some promotional codes for any groups looking to be testers.


Location Identified

AlliKat Productions,LLC has found the perfect location for Ace of Escape! Escape room enthusiasts will be able to find us at 48 North Tucson Blvd. in Suite 101. The location is just north of Broadway Blvd. and close to the downtown area, University of Arizona, and Fourth Avenue so customers can keep the fun going after their escape experience.

The new location offers on site parking. We’ll initially launch with two escape rooms and expand to three. Official launch date will be announced soon, but we are anticipating a date within the first week of March!