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Escape Room pricing is based on a per person rate for all of our rooms. Use Promo Code: TucsonSummer to save 20%

Standard Pricing

$25per person
  • Standard pricing for any of our rooms is $25 per person. We often offer discounts and discounts codes can be applied to any of our standard rates. If you do not book all openings for a room, there is the possibility that your group may be paired with other groups.

Private Pricing

$30per person
  • Not booking the whole room, but prefer a guarantee to not to be paired with others? Use the private room check box for Beat the Clock, Stuck in the 70's, Bad Medicine, or Six Shooter Bunk House. Discounts can be applied. For International Thief & Illusionist, flat rates for the whole room are available.

Corporate Booking

$17per person
  • Have over 15 participants and need to book multiple rooms at the same time during the weekdays? Our corporate rate for multiple rooms is $17 per person. Additional discount codes do not apply to corporate bookings. Call for availability and to book over the phone.