Tucson Escape Rooms - Tips


1. The more participants in a room, the better the chances are to escape.

3. Use all your senses. Don't limit yourself to just what you see.

3. Might as well try. If you're at a loss, might as well try an idea even if it seems odd.

4. Watch your time and pace yourself when asking for hints.

5. If you're stuck and have no hints left, try focusing on something different.

6. Remember that not everything is a clue or a puzzle. Clues are typically obvious once put together and things are not always straight forward, so apply loose meanings at times.

7. Try different orders. Clues or numbers found may not always be in the right order.

8. Things are often hidden well. So be sure you've done a good search around the room and within furniture and accessories.

9. If it was found in something locked, it probably is a clue.

10. Remember the goal of the escape and avoid forgetting any specific room rules that will help you along the way.

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