Tucson Escape Rooms - Rule


Rules for our Tucson Escape Rooms

1. Please arrive 15 minutes before booking time and be prepared to have fun! Although challenging and intense, there is no right or wrong methods to use or try in an escape room.

3. Please leave all personal belongings in the designated areas or lockers. Access to personal phones, calculators, internet or other personal items is not permitted to complete the rooms.

3. Respect other participants. No bullying, harassment or otherwise negative behavior towards other participants will be tolerated.

4. No lifting or moving of any item over 10 lbs. is necessary. Please do not strain yourself in an attempt to find clues.

5. There is no need to access or dissamble any type of working electronic, electrical outlet or light outlets. There are no clues there and for your safety we ask you not to tamper with these items.

6. Access to clues, keys or locks will not require brute force. Please do not use excessive force to open anything.

7. Hints are limited and all participants as a group must agree to receive a hint from our staff before one is provided.

8. In an event of any emergency, the door is open and participants may leave. Please report any emergency issues to staff.

9. We want you to share your experience without revealing the details of the clues or solutions to others to ensure their future enjoyment.

10. To ensure keys and clues are not lost, please leave keys in the locks they were found in and please leave all clues in the room.

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